A sultry summer “zero girl” A new height in AllWhite

In recent years, the fashion circle can always see the match of the same color. The ones with the highest appearance rate are All white and All black, which are not only fashionable and good-looking, they will never go wrong, and they can take you to the big names.

White long shirt / T-shirt / long sweater with small white hot pants, it seems that the missing shirt is also a small temptation that the Han Han can not be less equipment. However, it should be noted that there are many kinds of white, and it is important to keep the color between All white items consistent.

If you use pure white with white, white with oyster white, although it is a weak color difference, it will give people a cheap, not clean feeling.

White is good, but after all, it is achromatic, lacking some emotional expression. If you are satisfied with the quietness of white, it is very ok, but if you want to change and let you wear your heart, you can give it to you. All white is decorated with different colors.

Even if All White does not make any color embellishment, it can completely break the tradition from the perspective of style. Asymmetrical cut, open, beveled, exaggerated detail design can give people the feeling of unlimited creative change, properly bid farewell to monotony Dull.

The white dress is probably the most familiar item for girls from small to large. When they are young girls, the day when they can wear white dresses is the beginning of summer. Indeed, the white dress is the easiest to control All white item, which belongs to every woman’s youth summer dream.

It is decorated with white elements of different materials, such as lace elements, such as cotton and denim, to reduce the single sense of All white.

It is probably the easiest way to break the dullness in the All white with a little pattern decoration. It is good to remind everyone to pay attention to the pattern area control.

The simple All white is like a clean canvas, and you can add a touch of a personalized accessory.

All white is worn, whether it is on the T-stage or on the street, the return rate is not generally high.

Slim-fit skirt with accordion pleats adds femininity while refreshing.

Through the combination of white and white materials of different materials, it is a means to test a person’s matching level, and the small-area accessories make the whole more rich.