Don’t just wear a white dress in summer. Try these colors!

Skirts are a must-have item for summer, and white skirts are the most popular in summer. However, wearing a white dress will inevitably appear monotonous. So, try a skirt of other colors!

First, avocado green

Although white does not pick the skin color, it is not good for everyone to wear it, especially for girls with dark complexion, maybe other colors will make you more temperament. Don’t wear a white dress in the summer, try this year’s super popular avocado green skirt. This color is super light and fresh, it tastes really summery, and it looks like a whole person! Also a very age-reducing color

Second, pink

Speaking of the pink system, most of the girls’ hearts are about to be aroused. This color is also the favorite of many girls. Wearing a pink dress in the summer is not only super-skinned, but also looks particularly gentle. Pink gives a girly feeling, it is very popular, and it is not the same temperament as white. Middle-aged women can try pink.

Third, beige

If you can’t refuse the white skirt, then you can also try the beige that is super close to white. Beige is very gentle and generous, and the beige dress is elegant and charming to wear, which is particularly feminine. Beige clothes always give a very textured feeling, very suitable for young women and middle-aged women, can show you more temperament and more temperament.

Four, smog blue

Since last year, the smog blue can be said to be the hot fashion circle. Many stars and supermodels have fallen in love with this color. By this summer, the smog blue is still so popular. The smoky blue dress is really super fresh and fashionable in the summer, it can make your skin color more white, so that you can shine white. That touch of blue, very atmospheric and elegant, is to make your goddess full of children!

Five, red

Red is amazing and atmospheric, red is also one of the colors that Chinese people love very much, giving people a very spiritual and festive feeling. The red dress is very smothered and can always be seen at a glance in the crowd. The girls who go out to play in the summer must have a big red dress. The photos are really super-mirror, and each one is a big picture. Compared with the fairy white dress, it is another unique style.

Six, black

In addition to wearing a white dress in summer, don’t forget our black dress – little black dress! The black skirt is very retro and classic, and it doesn’t pick the skin color and the crowd. More importantly, black is the friendliest for the fat girl. The fat girl puts on a black skirt in the summer, which can definitely make you lose a thousand pounds in sight, and can make your body very slim.

Lace skirt: omnipotent inside, elegant walking

01 Who says that the season of dying will create a dress around the dead atmosphere, as long as you like it, any external conditions are not a problem. The white-red stitching dress, through the interpretation of lace and organza, is extraordinarily lively and interesting, and a woman who pursues a beautiful woman may wish to give it a try.
02 In contrast, the faint gray dress is much gentler, with a sense of nobleness in the low-key, plus the help of lace and bow, it is perfect. Not only wearing a temperament, but also a very eye-catching combination with a dark coat, the second becomes everyone’s show.
03 The relationship between lace and mesh is very subtle. This kind of subtlety is not because of the material, but because of the difference in style. It is a self-contained one, and it does not let go of any opportunity that can be combined into one. It is also quite a fight. Fortunately, it successfully demonstrated the effect of 1+1>2.
04 Sexy in the lace skirt, is almost a topic of commonplace, but all women, should be able to understand the essence of it, no way, nature. A little obsessed with it, if you can’t help yourself, you will be in a state of eagerness to try. The power of charm can’t resist.
05 The woman who shouts that dark green is going to become a trend in the future, has never been able to get a good grip on herself in the past. Has it been popular in the streets and alleys for a long time? Only now can we find out if it will be too out? Dark green dress, not to mention more texture, every detail is full of grade.
06 Of course, the royal blue is not lost, it appears in the majestic dress on the lace dress, really two words, luxury. The vagueness of the lines, the multiple nature of multiple sex, it is no wonder that the woman who can conquer the eye-catching, dominated the various types of clothing.
07 If it is compatible, black lace dress has the most say. Whether it is fat, thin, tall, short, mature, steady, naive and naughty, or a woman who is a combination of fines, it applies. Putting it in the closet will never face the risk of being forgotten, and definitely worth having.