How does Shopify build a station to reduce the bounce rate? 3 tips to reduce the jump rate of Shopify’s self-built station

The definition of the bounce rate of the Shopify website refers to the proportion of the total number of visits that have left the site after only one page has been viewed in a certain period of time!


If Shopify web designers and web developers are thinking about reducing the bounce rate of a website when designing and building a Shopify website, that’s fine. But the reality is that many people have built the Shopify website, and they are thinking about optimizing the website to reduce the bounce rate of the website.

First, let’s introduce the definition of the jump rate of the Shopify website and the importance of reducing the bounce rate of the website.

The bounce rate of the website, called Bounce Rate in English, is an important indicator for evaluating the performance of a website. The bounce rate is high, indicating that the user experience of the website is not good. The user jumps out when the user enters. Otherwise, if the bounce rate is low, the user experience of the website is done. Yes, users can find what they need.

And he may come back to your Shopify website in the future to improve user stickiness. Slowly, you can accumulate a large number of website users.

The definition of the bounce rate of a website refers to the proportion of the total number of visits that have left the site after only one page has been viewed in a certain period of time.

Algorithm for bounce rate for the entire site: the number of visits from the time you browsed a page/the total number of times you entered the site.

Website bounce rate causes traffic loss, reduces conversions, and seriously affects your site’s conversion and sales revenue. We want to reduce the bounce rate of the site as much as possible.

Today I will introduce you to three tips for reducing the jump rate of the Shopify website:

1.Shopify website navigation bar must be clear

One reason for the high bounce rate of the website is that the website navigation design experience is super poor.

If a visitor clicks on a link through Google Natural Search or Google Ads and enters your site, and your site is very messy, he will leave immediately. Any website visitor does not want to encounter this situation: open the web page and enter your website, but can’t find the information he wants.

Experts from the Nielsen Norman Group point out that the home page of your website must be of great practicality. Why do you say this?

1) Usually, the homepage is the most visited page for website visitors. More traffic than any other page.

2) The homepage of the website is the starting point for visitors to other pages on the website.

Therefore, the Shopify website must have very useful navigation features to encourage visitors to further explore your website, which will greatly reduce the bounce rate of the website.

Having said that, everyone understands the importance of the website’s excellent and practical navigation features.

So the question is, how do you design practical navigation features on the Shopify website?

First, don’t hide the site navigation menu.

Second, the menu bar uses specific, clear and easy to understand tags.

Third, if your site has many pages and options, design a navigation bar with hierarchical relationships and a menu bar.

Fourth, in general, the site bar is either horizontally above the site; or vertically on the side of the page.

2.The content of the landing page should be consistent with the content of the advertisement.

There are mentioned above that consumers usually enter your Shopify website in two ways:

1) by paid search (paid search)

2) Through organic search (organic search)

First talk about paid search. For example, Google ads contain a message that encourages people searching for information to click on a link to enter your site. Usually, after clicking on the link, you will be taken to your designed landing page. If the information on your landing page is inconsistent with the content of your ad, your site’s bounce rate is very high.

Another point that must be done is to ensure that the meta description of your site (in English is called meta description) and the relevance of the page are consistent in the natural search.

Here is an example to explain. For example, your website description is to sell Apple Watch straps. As a result, consumers enter your website and find that you are selling mobile phone cases. In this case, the bounce rate must be high.

The meta tag of the website, I will talk about it in a later article, and I will not go into details here.

Let’s look at a website that is doing very well in this area. The meta-tag description of the homepage of the website is very consistent with the description of the website after entering the website.


3.Make sure your Shopify website loads extremely fast

In order to reduce the bounce rate of your site, you must ensure that your site is extremely fast.

Imagine that if the pages of your website load slowly, consumers will immediately leave your website and turn to other websites that sell similar products.

So what is the speed at which the website’s loading speed must be controlled to meet industry standards?

The answer is 0.5s-2s. Of course, you must always reduce the loading speed of your website as much as possible. The faster the website opens, the better.

Studies have shown that on a global scale, websites are subject to a loss of up to $2.5 million per year due to slow page loading.

Since 2010, Google has used the loading speed of websites as an important factor in ranking natural search results. In the past 6 years, the loading speed of website pages has made the website more important in ranking natural search results.

Seeing this, I believe everyone understands the importance of speeding up the loading of web pages.

Let’s look at an example:


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